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Lambda-X: All-in-one tray-based metrology instrument for IOLs

Picture: Lambda-X

All too often, the bottleneck in IOL production is found in quality control. The NIMO MATRIX proves to be the solution for this problem by providing a quick and reliable way to measure refractive IOLs in seconds: the automated instrument measures a full tray of lenses (up to 121 IOLs) in a single click. NIMO MATRIX allows for the quality control of 200 to 400 items per hour, opening the doors to a new, more efficient production line. Based on the NIMO TR0815 technology, NIMO MATRIX is an all-in-one motorized instrument that is used for the quick, autonomous control of IOLs (monofocal, toric, multifocal, multifocal toric). The NIMO MATRIX offers the full range of capacities of the NIMO TR0815, albeit fully automated intraocular quality inspection while eliminating the manual manipulation of individual lens and potential damages. Our team of experts will gladly meet you for a demonstration of this ideal solution for quick and autonomous control.

https://ophthalmics.lambda-x.com, +32 67 79 40 80

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