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Smart solution for contact lens wearers

Efficient contact lens care for soft contact lenses is particularly important for long-term and safe contact lens wear. There are various contact lens care products on the market for this purpose. At the last Opti Munich 2024, a start-up presented a completely new system that not only simplifies contact lens care, but also manages the amount of care product used sustainably. An all-in-one care product is used here.

According to Future Market Insights1, the global contact lens cleaning solutions market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2024 to 2034, reaching US$ 2.78 billion by 2034. Despite the increasing popularity of contact lenses, many users still face challenges in properly caring for their lenses, such as the risk of infection, the hassle of carrying multiple products and the waste of excess cleaning solution. The intelligent contact lens care system combines two products in one: an innovative lens container and a replaceable liquid cartridge, both connected by a pump mechanism. With this fully automated cleaning box, users can care for and store their lenses at the touch of a button, making lens care simple, hygienic and stylish.

Peter Bruhn (l.) and Cornelius Doniga (r.), Photo: Lenzbox

From frustration to innovation: the origin story

The development of this system was triggered by the personal frustration of one of the founders, Dr. Cornelius Doniga. He was looking for a way to simplify his lens care and avoid the inconvenience of conventional products. He teamed up with his friend and co-founder Peter Bruhn, an expert in marketing and technology. Inspired by the Nespresso model of coffee capsules, together they developed the concept of the Lenzbox.

After four years of intensive research and development in collaboration with renowned scientists, ophthalmologists and contact lens manufacturers, the new system was launched on the market as a patented and certified medical product at the end of 2023. It is manufactured entirely in Germany. 

Convenience at the touch of a button

One of the main advantages of the new system that sets it apart from other lens care products is its convenience. The user only needs one product to clean and store the contact lenses at the touch of a button. The liquid cartridge provides up to 30 uses and can be replaced easily. In addition, the product is compact, making it ideal for traveling and daily use.

The new contact lens care product ensures hygiene and safety for users. For example, the risk of lens contamination and subsequent infection is reduced as the lenses are touched less frequently with the fingers. The pump mechanism dispenses the optimum amount of solution into the lens chamber, preventing waste and spillage. In addition, the closed circuit system prevents dirt and dust from entering the product. This keeps it clean and safe.

Redefining hygiene and comfort

Failure to follow recommended hygiene practices when wearing contact lenses is often considered a significant risk factor for, for example, microbial keratitis and adverse effects associated with contact lenses. According to a study2, only 32% of users follow the care instructions properly. As Yee et al.3 point out, poor hand washing increases the risk of contact lens-associated infection by 4.5 times4, and up to 50% of contact lens wearers do not wash their hands5. Lenzbox addresses this problem and can tap into this lucrative market by offering a product that improves the user experience, satisfaction and hygiene.

For more information, the website is available and updates can be followed via social media. www.lenzbox.com

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